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This summer we have come up with our all-new 2021 list of the best smokeless fire pits based on customer reviews that come with everything you need to enjoy a warm, comfortable, and smokeless campfire experience at home or in the wilderness.


Our Favorite Smokeless Firepits This Year

The Best Smokeless Fire Pit – Solo Stove Ranger

The Best Smokeless Fire Pit - Solo Stove Ranger

If what you seek is a fire pit that you can take with you wherever you go then there is no disputing that the Solo Stove Ranger is the best smokeless fire pit for you!

Its compact size, double-wall design, efficient burner, and smoke-free chunk wood for fuel ensures a toasty yet smokeless fire for you and your friends, no matter where you decide to set up camp.

A drawstring bag that comes with the Solo Stove Ranger makes it easy to pack-up and transport while the efficient burning of wood chunks leaves only ultra-fine ash to clean up resulting in a no-trace fire.

Check out this unit here!

The Bigger The Better? – BREEO Double Flame

Double Flame BREEO Smokeless Fire Pit (19 Inch)...
  • THE ULTIMATE SMOKELESS FIRE PIT - The Double Flame 19” is the perfect fire pit for a lifetime of outdoor use, with incredible design and unmatched function for the ultimate fire experience. Throw it in your trunk for smokeless fires at the campground, beach, or a friend’s place.
  • SMOKELESS DESIGN - Featuring a super high efficiency reburn system that feeds the fire at the bottom and uses double walls to draw in extra air and burn off smoke at the top, while also massively reducing the ash you’re left with. No more smoke chasing everyone around the fire.
  • BUILT TO LAST - The Double Flame is built with heavy duty 304 stainless steel that will last for years. At 42 lbs., it’s the perfect balance between durability and portability. Equally at home in the backyard, or wherever you go.

If what you need is something larger and less portable to place on your outdoor patio or backyard than you should either consider the Double Flame BREEO Smokeless Fire Pit.

Both these smokeless fire pits can easily warm up a company of five or more and their smokeless design means no more choking or coughing while sitting around the fire.

Compared to the Ranger this fire pit is much larger in size. The BREEO has a diameter of 19 inches.

The larger size makes for a larger fire but thanks to clever engineering and technology a larger fire doesn’t have to give off any more smoke.

The BREEO uses a highly efficient re-burn system and double walls to effectively reduce smoke and provide a more efficient burn.

Despite the larger size, this unit is still relatively lightweight and can easily be packed up and taken along on your summer adventures if needed.

The Budget Option – Flame Genie

Flame Genie Portable Fire Pit - Smoke-Free Inferno Wood...
  • Mesmerizing Flames: Enjoy flames that add a warm glow to any outdoor space. No mountains in your backyard? No need with the Flame Genie Inferno, It's a great alternative to a wood burning fire pit.
  • Smoke-Free & Spark-Free: Flame Genies special features make it the perfect backyard, stream-side or wilderness pit kit for all outdoor enthusiasts. No more smoky residue or holes in fabrics.
  • Efficient Wood Pellet Fuel: Use of wood firepit pellets as fuel, the Flame Genie FG-19 offers convenience and portabilty. Its secondary combustion enhances flame, heat output and burning times.

If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a new fire pit don’t fret as our budget option HY-C FG-16 Flame Genie Portable Smoke-Free Wood Pellet Fire Pit offers almost everything you need at a fraction of the cost.

You can choose between the portable 13.5-inch model or the much larger 19-inch model. Unlike the other fire pits featured so far, the Flame Genie comes in an all-black powder coat finish that certainly helps to set it apart.

The gravitational afterburner system coupled with low moisture wood pellets for fuel means you can start a warm and smoke-free fire whenever and wherever you want.

Portable, lightweight, compact, and affordable the Flame Genie certainly has a lot going for it. The only drawback with the product we could find is that it is prone to rust and paint damage if not stored in a dry environment.

Also, we found that you had to constantly feed the Flame Genie with wood pellets in order for the fire to stay lit. This fire pit isn’t intended for prolonged use and isn’t the most durable unit featured on this list. But, for the price, it can’t be beaten!

The Ultimate Smokeless Fire Pit Buying Guide

Traditional fire pits generally give off a lot of smoke which can make a campfire experience less comfortable and enjoyable as it should be. The need to constantly get away from the smoke produced by the fire and then having that smoke odor stuck in your clothes isn’t a pleasant feeling.

For those that love sitting around a fire either while camping or in their own backyard understand the need for a smoke-free fire pit as it helps make the entire experience that much more enjoyable and relaxing.

So let us take a look at all the features that one should look for in a fire pit to make sure that it is of the highest quality and made to last a lifetime.

Material & Build Quality

A fire pit should be made from materials that are durable, reliable, and non-corrosive. These materials also need to be able to withstand high temperatures and general wear and tear. The best smoke-free fire pits are made from stainless steel as this metal doesn’t corrode and is resistant to high temperatures. Always make sure that the unit you purchase feels sturdy and robust as this is a good indication of build quality.

Air Flow Management System

To truly achieve what can be considered as a smokeless fire you need a fire pit that offers the best and most efficient air combustion process to keep the fire going. Using innovative methods such as a double wall and double flame system that helps channel airflow in the most efficient manner possible, smoke-free fire pits are able to burn wood at a much higher temperature. Therefore, effectively cutting down on smoke, that is by nature, a byproduct of poor combustion.


This type of firepit is generally expensive so you always want to invest in a manufacturer that stands by their product and offers the best warranty terms. This way you are protected in case anything does go wrong.

Size & Portability

These units can also come in various sizes. The smaller units are better suited for those that like to enjoy the outdoors in relative solitude while the larger units are much more effective at keeping a large group of people huddled around the fire, relatively warm and comfortable even on a chilly night.


The Benefits Of A Smokeless Fire Pit

Traditional firepits tend to cause a lot of smoke which can be harmful to human health. A smokeless firepit, on the other hand, lets you enjoy all the benefits of a traditional fire without any of the drawbacks. Lesser smoke means:

  • Reduced irritation in the eyes
  • Inhaling fewer toxic air pollutants
  • Lesser impact on the environment


All smokeless fire pits have a two-tier process when it comes to smoke elimination. The first process burns the fuel source whether that be logs, firewood, pellets, etc. The second stage of the process re-burns the smoke being produced before it has a chance to escape. This double flame process leads to reduced smoke output and more heat being produced.



Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

There is no such thing as a fire without smoke. However, using innovative engineering and an appropriate fuel source you can create a fire that produces minimal smoke making for a much more relaxing campfire experience. The smoke produced by the best smokeless fire pits is almost invisible to the naked eye so, yes, they do work and that too quite effectively.

What Is A Smokeless Fire Pit?

A smokeless fire pit is a unit much like a traditional fire pit except that it produces a lot less smoke. It does this by using innovative structural and mechanical workings to allow for better airflow management resulting in a much brighter and hotter fire. The double flame system also re-burns smoke produced by the fuel source preventing it from escaping which increases combustion leading to a lot more heat generated and very little smoke produced.

How Do You Make A Fire Pit Smokeless?

If you can’t afford a new smokeless fire pit here are some ways that you can make your old fire pit produce less smoke.

  1. Use well-seasoned or kiln-dried firewood
  2. Wood pellets also tend to produce less smoke
  3. Always pick hardwoods and not softwoods as a fuel source
  4. Stack firewood in a manner that allows for plenty of airflow and burns for long
  5. Make sure you clean your fire pit after every use

Ultimately, investing in a smokeless fire pit is by far going to be a lot more effective at eliminating smoke. However, using the methods mentioned above you can, at the very least, cut down on the smoke your fire pit is currently producing.

Does A Fire Pit Need A Liner?

Yes, in most cases, a fire pit needs a liner as it protects the ground from charring and burning. Liners can be made from different materials including dirt, lava rocks, sand, fire pit glass, rocks, fireproof material, stainless steel, and gravel. Each material has its own set of pros and cons. The best smokeless fire pits are installed with a stainless steel interior liner that lies below the fire pit material providing enough room for airflow.


Closing Thoughts – Picking Out The Best Smokeless Fire Pit For Yourself

In our books, nothing beats the Solo Stove Ranger, or for that matter any other Solo Stove fire pit, as they are by far the best smokeless fire pit units available on the market.

Our Top Pick – Solo Stove Bonfire

The Best Smokeless Fire Pit - Solo Stove Ranger

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