Best Tent for Motorcycle Camping: A Review of Three Options

Camping is a fun activity for you and your friends, but what would happen if the weather takes a turn for the worse and it starts raining? It won’t be too much of a hassle if you have a tent with you, but what if you have your motorcycle with you?

Getting the best tent for motorcycle camping is a must if you love to explore the outdoors with your friends or family members. You can keep yourself protected, and you can guarantee that your bike won’t be damaged by rain and other weather conditions. If you are still undecided on the tent that you want to buy, we will give you a few options.


Best Tent for Motorcycle Camping: The Three Options

Instead of spending so much time reading different reviews about tents for motorcycle, it is better to narrow them down into products made by some of the best brands available in the market. Here are three motorcycle tents we found.

1. VUZ Moto 12-Foot Waterproof Motorcycle Tent

VUZ Moto was established in 2016 with the intent to provide high-quality products to the market with competitive prices. Although the company started only a few years back, they have created state-of-the-art products that would provide the needs of adventuring bikers.


The VUZ Moto 12-Foot Waterproof Motorcycle Tent can provide a wide range of features that would improve your camping and outdoor adventuring, including:

  • Super Spacious Design: If you are looking for a tent that would be spacious enough to accommodate your motorcycle and provide comfort and protection to you and your friends, the tent’s 18’ x 8’ footprint will do the trick. The tent could fit a total of three people and one motorcycle, and you’ll still have enough space to move around.
  • Separate Garage Space: This motorcycle camping tent provides a separate garage space that would allow you to park your bike and other items inside the tent without obstructing your resting area.
  • Four Points of Entrance: There are a total of four entryways that would provide convenient access to the tent. There are three entryways near the separate garage: two doors entering the separate space and one door to access the resting area. The last door is on the other side of the tent, where you can go directly to the resting area without going through the separate garage space.
  • Three-Season Tent: It is considered as a three-season tent because it provides protection against strong winds and heavy rains. It also provides around 10,000mm waterproofing on the sleeping floor to make sure that you will always stay dry even on bad weather.
  • Ease of Use: The tent is lightweight, and it is very easy to set up and disassemble, so storage is not a big issue.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Waterproof feature
  • Separate motorcycle garage
  • Extremely spacious interior


  • Poor stitching in certain areas


2. Coleman Hooligan Two-Person Backpacking Tent

Coleman is another popular company that produces items for outdoor adventures, and the Hooligan is one of the best tents to consider if you plan to go camping with your partner.

This tent can fit two people with enough room to move around inside. Aside from this two-person model, it also comes with three-person and four-person sizes.


Available in three different colors, red, orange, and gold, this tent has a lot to offer such as:

  • Waterproof: The Weather Tec System is the best thing about this camping tent. It offers welded floors, inverted seams, as well as full rain-fly that would allow you to remain dry even on rainy weather.
  • Easy Setup: The Coleman Hooligan Two-Person Backpacking Tent offers a ping and ring set up that would allow you to assemble the camping tent with ease. Coleman stated that it could be assembled in about 10 minutes, but if you are inexperienced, it could take about 15 to 20 minutes, which is still pretty decent.
  • Floor: It features a 1000 denier polyethylene “Tub” floor welded to the walls of the tent. This will provide fantastic weather protection since it can prevent any leaks when it is raining outside.
  • Fully-Covered Vestibule: The tent also features a vestibule where you can put any other things that you’ve brought to the camping site.


  • Can withstand wind and rain
  • Very spacious
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Extra space is too small for motorcycles
  • Heavier compared with other two-person tents
  • No view out of the tent


3. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx One-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering is a company that has been recognized as one of the most popular providers of full camping gear. Their Lynx One-Person Tent is pretty amazing, and it provides a wide range of benefits.


With this tent, you can choose from three different color combinations, namely blue with green, gray with navy, and clay with rust. Some of the things this tent offers are:

  • Single-User Tent: This tent is made to accommodate only a single user. An individual camper will be able to fit comfortably inside, and they will still have enough room to move around. The base covers about seven feet six inches by two feet eight inches, and the height of the tent at the center is three feet.
  • More Storage Space: If you want more space to put your gears and other things, this tent offers a vestibule. The vestibule is about 32 inches, and it can cover an area of about 10 square feet.
  • Easy to Assemble: Assembling the tent is very easy as it is not too big. It has two aluminum poles, a vestibule, and a polyester fly. It will only take around 10 to 15 minutes to assemble.
  • Complete Setup: The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx One-Person Tent contains a lot of additional functions that would make your camping more convenient. It is equipped with #8 zippers, gear loft, stakes, guy ropes, storage pockets, and it has a single doorway.


  • Easy assembling and disassembling
  • Lasting zippers and coated floor
  • Durable aluminum stakes
  • Sufficient room
  • Water and UV-resistant


  • The vestibule is too small for motorcycles
  • No footprint



If you are looking for the best tent for motorcycle camping, the best one on the list would be the VUZ Moto 12-Foot Waterproof Motorcycle Tent. The other two camping tents are pretty good, but you would need to bring a cover for your motorcycle.

The VUZ Moto 12-Foot Waterproof Motorcycle Tent provides an area to put your motorcycle, so you won’t have to worry about severe weather conditions while camping.

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